Drugstore Mascara Must-Haves

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"You know I'm all about that drugstore, bout that drugstore, no designer.."

Oh, that isn't how the song goes? Weird.

Well, that's my song every time I find a drugstore SCORE! If you know me, you know I love (and might have a small obsession with) finding the best drugstore products and designer dupes. I am by no means a makeup artist, but I do enjoy finding a good product at a great price and want to share some of my favorites!

The ladies I work with always laugh because I've been asked a few times what mascara I use, and our customers always assume I am going to say some crazy brand that costs a whole paycheck.

They are relieved, and shocked, when I say you can find all you need at your local Bartell Drugs or Rite Aid! Since you should toss your mascara every three months anyways, it has never made sense to me to buy a new $20-$30 or more tube every few months. I'm going to be honest, I do love Dior's "Diorshow" mascara, but while it retails at $28.50 a tube, I save that for my Christmas wish list and stick to the $7 dupes the rest of the year.

L'Oreal Voluminous Original

I use this every day, no mater what. It's my first coat because it goes on smooth and dark, and it layers really well. I use it in 'Black', but also like it in 'Brown' for a softer look. I've noticed that this wand gets a lot of mascara coated on it when you pull it from the tube, which makes it perfect for that first layer when you want to make sure you get all the lash roots covered.

L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

Another by L'Oreal, can you tell I have a brand favorite? This mascara is amazing; the brush is thick and fluffy, so it coats every lash. I love the waterproof version of this mascara as well, it doesn't flake or feel super heavy. It's my pick for warm weather when you don't want your lashes leaving black marks all over your eyelids with every blink.

Maybelline Rocket Volume Express

This mascara is the best top coat. This wand has a lot of small plastic bristles, different from the others which have softer & longer bristles. It does a great job of separating lashes and getting the ends of my lashes coated. If I have plans after work and need to quickly freshen up and look like I just did my makeup, I will swipe on a few more layers of this. My lashes instantly look thicker and darker; it layers up without getting chunky.

Alright, now for the BIG secret. For fuller, longer lashes, my absolute non-negotiable step every time is this: heating up my lash curler!

Sure, you can spend up to $40 on a heated lash curler, but there's nothing easier & less time consuming than giving my lash curler a five second full heat blast as I'm finishing drying my hair. I love the MAC Full Lash Curler and giving it that little bit of heat curls lashes more and keeps them in place! Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror halfway into your day and realizing your once perky lashes have completely fallen.

To make sure it's not TOO hot I press it into my hand a few seconds after I heat it up, and if it feels warm to the touch it will be fine. Don't put a scorching hot metal lash curler on your eyes, so be smart on how long you heat it up, and remember you can always add more heat if you need to.

I swear by this step; when you curl your clean lashes with a little heat they will stay curled longer and look fuller with mascara. Try these out and tell me your favorites!