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Growing up with two older brothers and a lot of boy cousins around me, I really grew into loving fashion and finding my inspiration because of my mama. She was always the one who was the best dressed & best accessorized in any room we were in, and she always made it a point to make everything match and be cohesive. I love that she was always buying new jewelry and combining them with some of her old favorites, to create stacked bracelet and necklace looks. For whatever reason, that gene must have totally skipped me haha because I rarely wear any bracelets!! Rings and simple necklaces are my thing; rarely straying from my simple silver bracelets I have worn for years. But I love to try new things & get outside of my comfort zone, and find ways to take style inspiration and make it my own. I love that fashion can sometimes get us to try (and fall in love with) new styles as we learn how to make them our own. Even though my mom and I have very different styles, we tend to love a lot of the same things, and I know that what I love about fashion I learned from her.

Victoria Emerson

A few months ago I was seeing several of my friends posting and sharing their Victoria Emerson bracelets and at first I thought they were all the same style, so I will be honest, I didn’t really see any I loved or thought were really my style. A few weeks later I thought I would check out their site again and see if I could find anything that was maybe more MY style, and oh my gosh I found the gold mine of cute bracelets haha!! Victoria Emerson bracelets and wraps are so fun because you can really find any style or color that best describes & represents YOU, and incorporate that into your daily style. The few I shared in this blog post are some of my favorites because they are all so unique! I haven’t really seen anything like this type of bracelet and wrap before, and I really love how easy they are to put on your wrist.

I got that one with puka shells because they made a heavy comeback this Summer (after taking a 10 year hiatus haha) and loved the orange beaded details in the bracelet as well. I also bought one that I didn’t share in this post, but it is dark grey and has little silver skulls mixed into the beading! I think for that wrap I would style it much more casual or edgy, where the one with shells I might wear to the beach. I love that you could buy a few styles and easily change them out to match whatever you are wearing that day! It definitely makes accessorizing more fun when it is simple & easy to take on/off, and that they don’t get tangled makes it so nice too.

I actually gave my mom a Victoria Emerson wrap a few weeks ago and she LOVED it. Even though my mom and I have different style, I found a bracelet that I knew she would love!! It is white with clear beads that wrapped around several times and then has the same clasp as the colorful beaded one in this post. It reminded me of her because she loves Summer and the beach at my parents lake place, and it looked like soft sand to me. It was cute because she just put it right one with her silver and blue stacked bracelets she was already wearing aha, and it looked so good! It also made me think that you could easily stack several of the Victoria Emerson bracelets together if you really loved to accessorize; leave it to my mama to rock the party arm stack!

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There are two styles of bracelets; both I share above so you can see how the clasp closure is different. I really like the magnetic clip because it is easy to put on yourself and easy to take off, or stack several super easily. I think it’s super fun how you can literally put on ONE bracelet.. but it looks like a whole arm stack of fun bracelets. The best part as got to be that they don’t tangle ha!! I mean c’mon, is there anything more annoying that your bracelets or necklaces tangling around and getting twisted? It is the worst! Because the clasp on the bracelet styles has the magnetic strip, you can layer them without having any of the beading get twisted together! I love that it makes it easy to throw on your wrist and you never have to worry about them twisting. This makes the bracelets last so much longer too, because they aren’t getting that usual wear!


The second style of bracelet is the beaded wrap which I am wearing in the outfit photos. This bracelet wraps around your wrist several times, then clasps together by inserting the metal disk into the bracelet end. This wrap is also amazing because it can fit any wrist! I like that it is totally adjustable and you can loosen or tighten it, wear it on your wrist or even your ankle, and give it as a gift to anyone, knowing it will fit them! The quality in both styles is really amazing, especially because you can really pick a bracelet or wrap that you know you will wear a lot and that matches your personal style.

Thank you to Victoria Emerson for sponsoring this post & letting me share my experience!
As always, all opinions and styling are my own.

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