Eyeshadow Hack Without Using Eyeshadow

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A few weeks ago I did an Instagram Story tutorial about how I use my bronzer & highlighting powder to create the perfect eyeshadow - and you all loved it! It is a serious time saver for those of us who haven't quite mastered fancy eyeshadow pallets. It gives dimension and adds a POP of brightness that will freshen up your usual makeup routine. Best of all, it takes no time at all and uses products you probably already have! Don't usually use bronzer or highlighter? No problem. Most of my favorites are under $10 and can be found at your local drugstore!

Here we go!

1. Bronzer Is Your BFF

Using the Real Techniques shadow brush, swipe bronzer on the outer corners of your eyes, and move towards the center of the eyelid. You don’t need to be precise, just make sure the darkest color is on the outer part of the lid. You can layer on more if you want a darker look, or just a little bit for a subtle warmth. 

2. Highlight your eyes

Next, using your favorite highlighting powder, use the same brush to swipe the powder across your whole lid. Start on the inner part, on the opposite side to where you put the bronzer, and brush it towards the outer part of your lid. This will help blend the two colors together and create a really pretty shimmer as well! You basically want them to overlap, not just be two colors on top of one another. You can see in my photo below how the emphasis of bronzer creates a darker crease on the outside, and the highlighter adds a soft brightness.

That’s it! It is SO simple. I love that it adds dimension to my eyes & gives them a little pop too because of the highlighter! 

If I am wanting a more peachy glow, I will sometimes swipe a little bit of blush over the top of the bronzer using that same brush or my finger, still focusing on the outside more than the inside corners of my lids.

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PRO TIP: Make sure you focus the darkest color near the outside of your eyelids! Keeping the color on the outside will make the highlight pop more in contrast. It can also start to look really dark if the color is all over the lid; we want fresh, not dark!