Fave Picks From My Shoot With Effin Shop

I had such a fun opportunity to shoot with Effin Shop this last week, and it was the perfect excuse for Matt & I to try out our new camera. We just bought it about a week ago and have been trying to shoot any chance we get; to keep learning & growing and getting better! We have been having such great weather in Seattle the last few weeks and it was amazing because the sky was still light even tho we didn't even start shooting until 7pm! I love how the pictures turned out; I am so proud of Matt for how he has tried to learn & grow his photography skills over the years - and now with a camera we can showcase that even more. I am so excited about how these turned out! 

When I am online shopping (which I often do haha), the one thing that seems like it is missing from the photos is MOVEMENT. I wish I could see the way the dress flows when the model walked down the street, or how long the shirt was when it's not tucked in. I also wish I could see HOW they would style the item. A lot more companies are starting to do this, because it can help a potential buyer get inspiration for how they would wear the items, but still so many times I am staring at my computer screen contemplating how the heck I would wear something haha! My thought behind shooting these looks for Effin was that I wanted to not only show movement, but I also wanted to stye them in ways that I would wear them & that would show off my personal style! That means something different for each piece; wether it was adding a chunky sweater for a layer and texture to the striped pantsuit, or tying up this soft t-shirt (they named after me!!) for a fun twist on a classic piece. I love to play around with style and take pieces and make them my own!

The Black Maxi

This dress is made from super soft cotton, and MAN does it have incredible flow to it. I thought this road was a fun mix between street style & this fancier dress, and I love the way these turned out. The tie waist is extremely flattering, especially coming from someone who doesnt usually wear tight things. I can oftentimes be too aware of how my body looks in something, but this dress was really comfortable and I felt super confident! Added a little blue strappy heel for some color and to dress up the look. You could wear this to a wedding, evening event in the Summer, or date night with bae!


Green Tee & White Mini

I used to think I didn't care for green tea.. until I tried out this green tee ha!! This t-shirt quickly became my favorite because of how soft it is. If you know me, you know I love wearing clothing that flows, is loose, and most of all comfy. This shirt is perfect. I paired it with this little white mini skirt because I loved how it made the look really casual and E A S Y. I would wear this to dinner with friends, picnic at the park, a blogger brunch event, or to go shopping with my mama! The skirt has great button detailing down the side, and it didn't ride up at ALL. Love this combo for Summer!


The "Bre" Tee

Umm are you obsessed with this look or is it just me? First off, they named this tee after me so like.. YEAH I am obsessed. Secondly, the casual cool look that it gives to a simple pair of denim is amazing. I am all about that comfortable, casual, easy style. This t-shirt is so me haha! I like that you can wear it long (to cover your butt!) with leggings, tucked into a skirt like the photos above, or tied up at the waist for a really figure flattering look. I've created this look with an distressed pair of denim & cute wedges. I would wear this to a baseball game with a ball cap or meeting a friend for coffee. Never underestimate the style-power (did I just make that up?) of a simple white tee. It's so classic and SO good. 


Pantsuit Power

I will be the first to admit that I have not had the best of luck with playsuits & jumpsuits in the past. I tend to find them awkward and feel like they are riding up whenever I walk. There is nothing that bother me MORE than when you have to constantly adjust your clothes just to be comfortable. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I put this pantsuit on and found that it was really flattering! I like that the legs are cropped because it looks like a culotte style on someone like me who is 5' 5", but would look like a really trendy cropped leg on someone taller as well! I think the off-the-shoulder and cut out details are so fun as well! This olive green color would go perfectly with either black or tan accessories, and I would totally wear this out to dinner with friends, to a wedding, shower, or out to ice cream with Matt!


I had so much fun shooting and styling these looks with Effin, and the best part is there are even MORE amazing clothes that I shot up on their site. I love the mix of style and I really think these items showcase who I am as a blogger and what my style is! I have added a few more photos below so you can get an idea of the other cute items they sell. Just because they didn't make my top 4 cut doesn't mean they aren't adorable too ha! The best part about their site is that NEW clothes arrive every Tuesday; and yesterday was my collection launch! This means you are some of the first to shop it and get the chance to purchase it before it sells out. Happy shopping friends!