First Signs Of Spring

It's official - today is the first day of Spring!

Since it's been mostly rain here for the last few months, I am cherishing any sunshine we get. Lucky for me, my day off on Sunday was as gorgeous of a day as I could've hoped for! I know it sounds crazy but.. I've looked forward to wearing a skirt for months now, so this first sign of Spring was an opportunity I jumped on to wear one! I scored this white denim button up skirt at Nordstrom Rack at the end of last Summer. It was one of those items I picked up and didn't really think I would wear, but knew I needed because I basically couldn't afford NOT to have it haha! When you find a good deal, you got to scoop it up. I think this skirt was about $9 down from the original $40. Little did I know that it would become one of my absolute favorites! I love that I have worn it with so many different shoes and tops, and every time the whole outfit looks different.

Since it was still 50 degrees out, I thought that pairing this skirt with my OTK (over the knee) boots would keep me warmer - and I was right. It was the perfect combination for this sunny but crisp day! We decided we wanted to walk around Bothell a little bit; I swear this doesn't get old! Every sunny day we get, we try to keep exploring our town because there's so much to see. The coffee in my hand is an amazing caramel blended coffee drink from Café Ladro, a café chain that originated in Seattle and had several locations around the area. We have one right across the street from where we live. Dangerous ha!

Okay can we talk about my hair though?! I have been loving these 'space buns' since I saw them on Pinterest about a year ago. I've worn them in low buns, but lately it's been fun and sporty to put them high up on my head and rock a more messy look. I think I will be wearing my hair like this all Spring & Summer long. I've had multiple questions about how I get the volume and texture of my hair for this hairstyle. A few posts back I talked about a product I recently discovered that has changed the hair game for me! The Not Your Mother's Brand has a hair plumping product for thinner hair that gives it volume and texture, called Plump For Joy. By scrunching a little into your hair after curling, it separates hair and gives it that extra body and fullness. They also have a shampoo and conditioner that help achieve the same things; if you are wanting to find a way to help create hairstyles with more lift & volume, these products can be found at your local drugstore and will only cost you a few dollars to try out!