I Was Made For Sunny Days

What A Sweet Tee

Get your own, or find your favorite design, just in time for Summer!

This fun & whimsical tee was perfect for the sunny AZ weather a few weeks ago! I started following Sweet T's Designs on Instagram about a year ago, and just fell in love with all of their adorable tshirt designs. I love how the script font looks like something I would write - it was meant to be. This soft peach color isn't something I own a lot of, but I got so many compliments about how pretty the color was with my coloring! I love that I can throw this shirt on and be really comfortable, but it's more elevated than a regular old t-shirt.

I love that they have a bunch of fun designs to choose from, so whatever occasion or holiday you're prepping for you can make sure to have the perfect t-shirt to match. One of the other designs I love is a really simple grey shirt with a thick white stripe around each sleeve, and it says "MUAH". It's so cute and soft! Pairing a simple shirt like this with some cut-off denim and bright Birkenstocks is a perfect, casual Summer outfit.