LipSense Q&A

Since I first posted an Instagram Story of a little clip from my first day after using my LipSense lipstick kit, I've had a bunch of questions roll in about the product. Mainly, "does it actually work"?

Yes, it does work!

To best fill you all in on the magic that is Lipsense,
I am going to do a Q&A style post to let you in the know.

So, What's The Deal With LipSense?

How many layers need to be applied?
Three to four thin layers, letting each layer dry in between coats for about 30 seconds. I tried to keep each layer very thin and just go over my lips once each layer, making sure my whole lip was covered. If you pile on too much color and try to just do one coat, your lips are going to feel dry and flakey. There's a process to it - so try and stick to the directions it comes with!

Is it easy to apply?
It is very easy to apply, once it dries it will be stuck in place, so make sure you are careful when you are applying it to your lips. Try to stay within your lip shape, or just a little outside if you like a fuller look. It will slightly tingle when you put it on, but as soon as it dries you should feel the color becoming tacky; when it is dry about a minute later, apply the gloss and rub your lips together.

Can you apply the color over another brand of lipstick?
No, you will want your lips to be clean and have no other product on them before applying.

Do your lips ever feel dry during the day?
Yes, they will feel a little dry as the gloss wears down. But an easy fix is to swipe on more of the gloss that comes with the lip color and rub your lips together. This will reactivate the moisture and keep them soft.

How do you get the color off?
Each lip kit comes with a color remover. It is a really pretty smelling oil-based lip product that you wipe over your lips like gloss from a tube. By rubbing your lips together and wiping them off with a towel or tissue, the color comes off.

Does the color last all day, even through eating?
Shockingly, yes! I would suggest to add a fresh swipe of gloss to your lips after eating, this will seal the color again and keep your lips hydrated. I had no issue with food smearing the color or flaking any of the lip color away!

Is it worth the cost?
Lipsense runs right around $55 for the kit; including one color, gloss, and the color remover. Compared to my usual drugstore picks, it is quite spendy, but if you are used to buying more high end lip products, like MAC, Nars, Laura Mercier, etc, this number shouldn't shock you quite so much. Think of it as getting both a color and a sheer gloss for that price!


Hope this helps uncover a little bit about Lipsense - if you have any other questions ask away!