Little Red Dress

Working at Nordstrom, it would make sense that a lot of what I buy would be from there; I am in the store every day and see all the new merchandise after all!

However sometimes it feels like since I see things so much, they don't have as big of an impact on me. I try to only let myself buy things that I need and absolutely love! I am notorious for never returning anything, even if it's new and I know I still won't wear it. Trying to limit myself to buying only what I need saves my closet from filling up with clothes I will never wear. Sometimes this is much easier said that done!

Lately I have been trying to look outside of my favorite store to find some easy additions to my wardrobe for less.

The more I look around and compare other retailers, the more I notice that the same basic styles & trends are being tossed around to all major retailers. The main difference is often cost! I had been eyeing a long cotton dress like this at Norstrom and completely loved it, however knew that it wasn't something I would wear too often, and wasn't even sure what I would wear it with so I decided against buying it. Later that day, on my lunch break, I walked to H&M down the mall and was mindlessly picking through there $7 dollar section. Yes that's a real thing, and yes it is amazing!

While I was sorting through the "this-could-work" pieces and the "absolutely-not" items, a long deep red dress caught my eye. Panicking that someone else would snatch it up before I could (aren't we bargain shoppers crazy like that?!)

I grabbed it and made sure there weren't any obvious reasons it was only seven dollars. Upon seeing it was in perfect condition and my size, I bought it, and walked away feeling like I had just found gold.

Do you know what the little dancing emoji in the red dress looks like? I imagines myself looking like that wearing it haha!

Same day, I kid you not, I decided to quickly stop into Forever21 right before my lunch ended. I wasn't seeing too much that was catching my eye, but I knew I wanted to take a quick look at the simple black booties upstairs. The first pair I grabbed was exactly what I had imagined! I went back and forth on whether $10 was going to be worth it for a cheap pair of booties, then quickly snapped myself to the reality that even if I only wore them 5 times it was a better deal than anything I could find elsewhere! I found my size, did a quick walk around, and decided that was a steal of a deal!

When I checked out, the guy working the register reminded me that all sale was final, and I watched the little number in front of me turn from $10.99 to $5.99. Excuse me?! "Oh yeah", he says, "All sale is an extra %50 percent off today only". And I proceeded to run all the way back to work with a fat grin on my face because I had just spend under $15 on the cutest outfit. SCORE.

PS This hat was another Forever21 goodie from a few years back!

My favorite stores to score the best deals!

Easy on the budget, big impact on the wardrobe - that's what I like!

Where is your go-to place to shop where you find the best deals?

1. H&M
2. Forever21
3. Nordstrom Rack (It's online too!)
4. Marshalls
5. Target