Mascara & Coffee


About two weeks ago Matt and I decided to walk around downtown Seattle for the morning; it was a special morning because it marked 6 years since Matt asked me out on our first date! What fun memories! It wasn't a super sunny or beautiful day, but we like to get out and explore and walk around, so we did just that.

I loved this look for walking around Seattle for several reasons.

A. I am from Seattle, therefore I must always have a coffee in my hand.
B. This t-shirt and sweater make the most comfy combo.
C. Who doesn't want to walk around a big city pointing out the fact that their eyelashes look fabulous?!

When I saw this t-shirt at Old Navy a few weeks ago, I was obsessed!! It was during their promotion when the whole store was 40% off and I think the total came to like $8 or something! Paired with this super oversized comfy knit cardigan and my favorite black pants, I felt really cozy and comfortable walking around, but also put together and cute!

I really love wearing color, but I feel like this weather lately with all the gloomy days we've had in Seattle is making me resort to more black & white, simple pieces.

The funny thing is, I didn't used to drink coffee or even like it at ALL.. can you imagine?

I feel like because of my wonky work schedule and having to keep focused at random hours of the day, I have started to feel like I need my coffee to stay sane ha! Not to mention, the taste has grown on me; pretty much anything tastes good with that much caramel in it haha!

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If you love coffee & mascara.. you need this shirt!

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