Favorite Products For Blonde Hair

Ashy, Not Brassy!

What's the trick to keeping blonde hair.. blonde?

I get asked what hair products I use ALL the time, especially after getting my hair lightened a few months ago. After getting a balayage for the first time, I noticed my hair was much dryer and more coarse. Has anyone else left the salon chair and had a mini freak out session, like "what have I done to my soft hair?".. haha! I was informed that this was common and normal, and happened because of the color and nutrients being stripped from the hair while color processed.

My hair stylist (@hairstylistemilyhorton is the BEST) told me to make sure I used shampoo that was going to put nutrients and proteins back into my hair, to keep it shiny and soft like hair that's never been colored before would be.

The shampoo I use daily is one that I bought from her salon, but you can get it at both Target and Ulta in big bottles that will last you a long time! I use Redken Extreme Shampoo because it softens my hair while it cleans it, leaving my hair feeling healthier and smooth, without any buildup. About every three days I mix the Redken (about a quarters worth) and my favorite purple shampoo Shimmer lights (about four quarters worth) together in my hands and lather throughout my hair. I try and let it sit for 3-5 minutes while I shave or wash my body. It lets the purple coloring in the shampoo activate and really attack any brassiness my hair is holding on to. After I rinse it all out, the next step is conditioner. For everyday use I am really loving mixing the Redken Extreme Conditioner as well. This combination gives me the best of both worlds; I like that it gives my hair a really silky feel, and when I blow dry it after I can tell that it feels thicker and fuller.

Blonde Hair Faves

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The Shampoo Toner Trick

Your hair will be so bright!

If you are like me, and sometimes get used to the look of your hair and are wanting something even brighter and ashier, without going to the salon every week haha - here's the trick. Once every two to three weeks, you can use your shampoo as a stay-in toner. When my hair is dry, I section it off and start by putting the purple shampoo on the bottom and work my way up to the top of my scalp. Work up a lather, but don't add any water. For me this usually takes about 1/4 of the bottle, but you don't really have to use that much, depending on how much hair you have.

The reason this is effective is because your hair takes the
toner in the shampoo more when the hair is dry.

The idea is to get your whole head covered in shampoo; you will look like you've got a purple wig on haha! Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. When you rinse it out in the shower, scrub your head like you normally would, and condition per usual. Doing this trick every few weeks will amp up that bright blonde and keep your hair ashy, not brassy!

Keep It Healthy

The most important step to achieving
the blonde hair of your dreams!

This means using conditioner after every shampoo, and even doing hair masks and deep conditioning every once in a while. Pictured below are some favorites that I've used (It's A 10!) and other that I look forward to trying out (phHUE Gloss). They are designed to keep hair healthy, vibrant, and strong. I've also started to use the Paul Mitchell Blonde shampoo in rotation with my Shimmer Lights, just to try and compare the two and see what I like more.

I think I still prefer Shimmer Lights because it seems to brighten and tone more, but the smell of the Paul Mitchell one is wonderful. It also leaves my hair really soft after, although I still notice a little more brassiness compared to Shimmer Lights! Hope that helps.

These are some hair products that I love, and some I am dying to try!
Have you used any? Love or loathe any? Let me know! Xo