My First VLOG!!

I have been wanting to create a YouTube channel for some time now; just based on the fact that it is easier to share tutorials & everyday life in video form than just pictures! I have a lot of tutorial in mind, from how I curl my hair, to my everyday makeup. I also think it would be fun to do more little vlogs like this, so you can all see even more into my daily life!

Matt & Bre Sheppard Christmas Tree, Dairyland Washington

SO.. I did a thing!!

Hello YouTube!

Yesterday we went to get our Christmas tree, and we found out that the venue we got married at turns into a literal Winter Wonderland during the Christmas season, so we had to check it out. It was everything we could've hoped for and so much more haha! It was decked out in lights, ornaments, Christmas decor you could purchase, and Santa was even there! We had a ton of fun exploring the grounds and seeing our venue again! I love that place, and even more so now that I went back and got to experience it looking like this! Seriously you are not going to believe how much Christmas spirit they crammed into this space haha.

We ended up with the perfect tree for our place, and you can even watch me start to decorate it at the end! I love Christmastime and the holidays, for so many reasons, but these little traditions are some of my favorite things. Hope you enjoy! 


How crazy?!

Bre Sheppard Wedding

I would love to hear what other things you might like to see you my channel! I will probably start out trying to do a video every few weeks, but I would love to see it grow and really be another way to connect with you all! Let me know what you think, if you watched the video, and what more you want to see from me (and Matt haha!). Thank you all for following along! 

How stinkin' perfect is this venue? I am obsessed with it still almost two years later!!

Dairyland, Washington Wedding Venue & Christmas Tree Farm