My Holy Grail Fall Staple: Spanx Leather Leggings

My Holy Grail Fall Staple - Spanx Leather Leggings : : Fall Basics

the spanx legging

OKAY you guys here it goes, a big bold statement I am going to make haha.. these Spanx leather leggings are my ULTIMATE holy grail Fall item on my closet! If you have been around my Instagram or blog for any time now you have probably seen me style these a few different ways throughout the seasons. Reasons to love them consist of (but are most definetly not limited to).. umm they totally suck you in, smooth everything out, are super comfortable, and are extremely flattering on every body!

I love that you can wear the with so many different outfits; style them up or down, and make them your own. I love that they give you the versatility of wearing something as comfy as leggings, but the light leather texture gives them a more dressy look. Whether you are someone who dresses up daily, or rocks the casual cool girl style, you will find lots of different ways to wear these throughout all of the seasons!

find your best fit

what size am i?

So the big debate with these Spanx leggings is the fit; because there are so many opinions as to how the sizing is. I will just talk from my own personal experience so you can better understand how they fit me! I am always between a 6 or 8, a pretty true medium. In these leggings I own both a small and a medium and they honestly fit so similar, which is sort of crazy. I would suggest wearing your true size because of this. If you are usually in between sizes, you could size down for a snug fit. If you prefer your leggings to be super comfortable then I would definetly size up! I know, confusing haha! I love that these leggings have a high waist that has some of that good ol’ Spanx support in it, to suck you in and keep everything smooth. I know a lot of us worry about some cellulite showing when we wear leggings, and these are incredible because they smooth everything out.

regular or petite sizing?

As far as fit goes for figuring out what size to get for your height, the general rule of thumb is anything under 5"‘ 3” is petite. I would actually say that if you are shorter than 5’ 5” (which is my height) then you should get the petite sizing. I can wear mine cuffed up or just worn down, and the best part of leggings is that you can sort of adjust them to wear them either way. I prefer when I have a little bit of fabric to work with and can wear the leggings different ways, but if you prefer a shorter crop then you should get the petite version for sure!