Off Duty Attire

It seems like winter is never going to end here in Washington! Sometimes I find it difficult to dress for the weather because it is ever changing. We've had the strangest weather; crisp but sunny days, snow storms, wind, and of course lots of rain. Every day is something new, and it seems like the weather just won't make up it's mind. When I have days off, have to run errands, or know I am going to be spending any amount of time outside, I try to dress for the weather. Right now that often means layering up to keep warm, but it is also really important to me that I look cute & put together! Think about your ultimate "comfort" outfit. Maybe that includes sweats, a sweatshirt, yoga pants, or tennis shoes. While those all sound like I could curl up by a fire and relax for the day, it's not really screaming stylish to me.

For me, when the weather is cold and I think about what I want to wear to be most comfortable outside, the first thing that comes to mind is a beanie! Especially when I'm on day two with no shower (sorry, sometimes that's real life!) and my hair has seen better days. It's like the socially acceptable way to say to the world, "Hey, I didn't really get ready today"! I probably have about 10 beanies that I wear all Fall and Winter long; they are cheap and come in so many variety of color and styles. And lucky for me, they are super trendy right now!

This beanie is from Nordstrom, I think I bought it for about $18 right at the beginning of December. They had a bunch of color combinations of the knit beanie and fur puff. There is a really popular brand right now called Crane Clothing that makes a very similar hat, and they are being sold all over. They are right around that same price point, and some are fleece lined for extra warmth!

Cute & Comfort Collide

I might be off duty, but I'm still workin' it!

For the rest of this look, I wanted to keep it simple and wear what I love most. These pants are STS Blue brand, purchased from Nordstrom Rack about a year ago. I bought two pairs, cutting knee hols in this pair! I love they way they fit and feel. They are a super soft cotton and spandex blend, so they have some stretch to them, and almost feel more like a super thick legging than they do denim. I probably wear these more than any other pair of paints I own, simply because they are soo comfortable! I like that they are simple too, so I can pair them with so many things and they always take on a different look. This blush pink cropped sweatshirt is from Nordstrom, and I love the way it feels too! It's got a scoop neck like a sweatshirt would and is that same texture, but the sleeves are cut short. It's great for layering under this BCBGeneration down jacket I scored at the Nordstrom Rack a few summers ago. If I get too warm, the jacket is packable enough to tie around my waist!

I know I've talked a lot more about this recently, but lately I am so in to finding key pieces you can wear over & over. These are all examples of some black basics that everyone needs in their wardrobe! How cute and easy is this outfit? Throw on a different shirt and some tennis shoes or rainboots and you've instantly got a whole new outfit.