Pink Hair, Don't Care

The Product

A few weeks ago I tried out PINK hair with L'Oreal's new Colorista spray.. and it is safe to say I am obsessed! I actually was in a campaign for them to try out this new product, and ended up getting so many questions about it on Instagram that I thought it would be fun to share more details/photos here! I have always wanted to color my hair and so something totally FUN & crazy with it, but my mom never actually let me color my hair growing up. I am thankful for that because I love my hair & feel like my hair is pretty healthy from not coloring it very much (just started to brighten it in the last few years), but this was still so fun to try out something I would never do permanently! 





  • Style your hair before applying the product, once it is applied you should not apply heat.
  • After I curled my hair, I sectioned my hair into two parts and pulled the top half up so I could apply color more evenly. 
  • I shook the can for the required amount of time, and started to spray the product upward into my hair. Instead of spraying directly at my hair, I angled the can upward so the spray wouldn't have a harsh line, and instead would give more of an ombre effect. Start with a heavier spray at the bottom of your hair and as you work the spray up closer to your roots, lighten up on the color. This helps create a balayage effect! 

Pink Hair, Don't Care -


  • Since it is a color spray, it sits on the top of your hair follicle and does not get soaked into your hair. Because of this the color CAN rub off onto your clothing after you apply it. 
  • This is not permanent or even semi permanent hair color; it is designed to be washed out after 1 use or 1 day.
  • You can sleep in the color spray, however it may get on your pillow. It will wash out if you wash it right away, and same thing if you get any in your clothing!
  • The bottle does clarify that the color sticks in blonde hair a bit longer than in brunettes. The bottle states that brunettes should see almost all color gone after 1 wash, while blondes can take a few more washes. I had my color in for about 5 hours before washing it out to go to bed. I noticed that about 75% of the pink was gone (all the hot pink) and just what was left was a very light pink tinge all throughout my hair. 
  • The next morning I washed my hair a 2nd time and all that was left was a little subtle pink in the ends of my hair which are normally pretty light white blonde. I had also just recently got my hair colored so I think because the blonde was so fresh it held the color longer. Just be aware that you DO have to scrub the color out and be intentional with how you wash your hair, and target the areas that you sprayed to make sure the color is getting washed out. 

Pink Hair, Don't Care -