Raw Hem Denim + Strappy Platform

A few weeks ago I got an email from Apricot Lane, a small boutique in Bellingham, Washington, asking if I wanted to do a collaboration with them to spread the word on there recent opening.

As many of you probably know, I lived in Bellingham for four years while attending Western Washington University, and I loved every single minute of it. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places I've ever been (the sunsets are incomparable), but there is something very interesting about it being a mainly college town. Because of this, the fashion in Bellingham, much like Seattle and it's surrounding areas, varies greatly.

As a Freshman I remember my roommate Jaclyn and I getting ready for class every day; we got up early and put together outfits and felt like we needed to start off this new season of life with putting our best, well-dressed, foot forward. Unfortunately that didn't last long haha! As Sophomore, Junior, and finally Senior year rolled around, I realized that most students opt for a more comfortable and casual look. So it makes sense that the town as a whole might be slightly more casual since it's filled with these students.

However, it doesn't take very long to look around and see the definite sense of style that Bellingham gives off.

Call it bohemian, hippie, or hipster, it's fashion nonetheless. I admire the small shoe stores, thrift shops, and boutiques that have rooted themselves in the midst of a small town, and become fashion staples for Bellingham residents. When I got this email, I immediately took a look at their Instagram and found myself scrolling endlessly at the cutest, affordable, trendy clothes. I knew I had to go check the store out!

So last week I made a trip up to Bellingham and stayed the night with some of my bestfriends from college. Jaclyn came with me to check out the store, and as I was telling her about it on the way there, she told me that she walked in to Apricot Lane just last week and there were so many things she loved! It was no different for me. After meeting and talking with the store owner Michelle, I walked around the store and picked out things to piece together and try on. With my best friends opinions (after gushing & obsessing over literally everything) we narrowed it down to some of my favorite piece. These platform heels and raw hem denim were two of my absolute must-haves.

I love that raw hem denim is IN right now, because I can't get enough. I have several pairs, but was looking for the perfect distressed ones, and I love how these tie everything that's trendy for denim into one perfect pair. Not to mention they are priced at $48.. FORTY EIGHT people! That's less than half the price of a typical pair of denim, and these are probably my most comfortable ones too! Love. And these platforms, I mean come on. Every girl needs a pair of not-practical-at-all shoes to throw on when they want to feel sassy and cool (and also very tall). I put these on and Matt loved them because I was four inches closer to being his height, only 8 inches behind now ha! Paired with the softest off the shoulder sweater made by Leith, and sold at Nordstrom, I have never felt more trendy and put together. Try out these trends and let me know what is your favorite!

HUGE thank you to Apricot Lane in Bellingham for supplying these amazing clothes and sponsoring this post. I believe in every product I represent, and this brand is one I truly love & think represents who I am. Be sure to check them out if you are ever North in Bellingham!