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these #throwback sneakers are having a comeback moment

Okay I am having a major throwback moment as all of the retro sneakers have been coming back in to style this summer! Any time I wear my chunky “dad” shoes or these “grandpa” shoes my parents laugh and say, YUP we wore those too haha! Isn’t it pretty funny that every style comes back around at some point? Matt and I laugh about this often, thinking of all of the things that will go out of style then come back into style by the time our kids are in their teens. We can look back on photos and see what the trends were, and really probably predict what is coming back in style in the next few years ha!

These Club C 85 Vintage Reebok sneakers are so fun because they take the classic Reebok style and give them that #throwback twist! I got the cutest message on Instagram after sharing these sneakers last week from a follower who said that her Grandpa used to wear these shoes & she was going to buy a pair in remembrance of him! I love that so much! Thought it was the sweetest thing that not only are the super cute and practical to wear with any outfit, but that they touched one of you in such a personal way.

I personally am drawn to Reebok sneakers because I love that they combine comfort and simple design so easily. They have a variety of styles, but I always go back to the white styles because over the last few years I find myself able to pair them with absolutely anything! They are sporty enough where I feel good wearing them with denim or workout clothes, but I really have found I can wear them with anything. These Club C 85 Vintage sneakers have the slightly worn down look and an off-white color that makes them look pre-worn. This style of shoe is totally in right now and I think it is so fun!!

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In my personal style (and personal opinion), sneakers go with absolutely everything! I love that you can dress them up as easily as you can wear them to the gym. I love how you can throw on sneakers with a skirt or dress and make basically anything look like “street style”. And I think that sneakers really give you the versatility to combine feminine and sporty style really seamlessly. I really think that every girl should own a few pairs of sneakers because it helps your wardrobe go so much further!

If you are someone who is usually very dressed up and loves to look put together, or wears a lot of dresses, next time you get ready try pairing some simple white sneakers with your outfit. I think that it will open up even more options for how to style outfits and where to wear your outfits! It lets you make a dress you might wear to a wedding into the perfect fun date night outfit. If you feel like wearing a skirt like I did today, pair it with sneakers and a sweatshirt to get that super easy put together look, but don’t lose the comfort!

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Bre Sheppard White Reebok Sneakers and Skirt