See In Style With Coastal Eyewear

Bre Sheppard - See In Style With Coastal Eyewear

I can still remember the first time I got glasses. They were a translucent light grey frame, and I never wanted to wear them. I mean, I had to wear them in order to be able to see what my teacher was writing on the chalk board, but in high school I was not quite comfortable with myself yet and didn't really feel like myself when wearing them. In college I tried out a new pair that was a slightly bigger frame, and all black. I think I was still trying to figure out my personal style, and these still didn't feel like ME. My friends would always ask, "Bre why aren't you wearing your glasses?" because they knew I needed them to see distance! 

Looking back now this is absolutely hilarious to me because I have SO many glasses now, both with prescription and non prescription! This past Summer I wore clear glasses almost every day, and I realized that they are just like any other accessory you might wear! Especially for someone who needs to wear them, it's sort of freeing to find a style that you like & feel really confident wearing them, like you might feel confidence wearing your favorite jeans. I have to say, this pair from is my absolute favorite, from the perfect shape to the fun style, they are ME in every way. 

Bre Sheppard - See In Style With Coastal Eyewear

When I came across I was amazed at all of the variety they offered; everything from designer glasses to styles that are exclusively designed just for them. Because they are affordable frames, they make it achievable to own multiple pairs and build your eyeglasses wardrobe. I love the idea of getting a new pair every 6 months to a year, and growing my collection like I would jewelry or jeans. Because glasses are not only functional, they are fashionable, you can think of them just like you would any other accessory! 

Coastal has a wide range of styles it was hard to choose which was my favorite. The pair I chose are a part of the Kam Dhillon collection, sold exclusively through!

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These "White Tortoise" glasses caught my eye because I loved that they were a unique take on the classic tortoise frame. They are obviously funky, but they are also surprisingly versatile! I have worn them with neutrals; they look great with black & grey as seen above, but they are also a fun pop of pattern for a bright pink top or even a patterned dress. The more I have been able to hone into what my personal style is over the years, the more I have realized how much I love to have fun with what I wear! You can shop other white tortoise styles here! is easy to navigate, unless you are like me and actually enjoy scrolling for hours & getting lost in all of the options haha! If you are on a mission to find the perfect pair, you can easily narrow down the wide selection by using the MyFit tool. It is perfect for narrowing down the frames that will fit correctly, using the numbers from a pair of glasses that you already own & you know they fit well. You can also find glasses that compliment your specific face shape! I really like this tool because it personalized the experience so much and gives me confidence when I purchase glasses that I know they are going to be flattering for my specific face shape. As you can see from a screen grab off of their website, it is really simple & an easy way to narrow your search. I have more of an oval face shape, and I seriously loved so many of the glasses suggested for me

Bre Sheppard - See In Style With Coastal Eyewear

Let's face it, shopping for something as personal as glasses can often be so difficult online.

You don't know the quality, how they will fit, or why they are so expensive! That's your old glasses website. has a really clean & simple to use site where you can navigate easily and feel confident that you are making the best decision, and their price is way less than I have paid in the past! I will never go back to traditional glasses shopping after this easy experience!  

Not only are they the largest online eyewear company in the world, but there is also a mission that fuels their company that is one I can stand behind. They desire to make vision correction available worldwide; meaning they are affordable and accessible. They have a buy one, give one initiative with the outlook that they are "Improving lives by improving sight". You can read more about their amazing program here:

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Bre Sheppard - See In Style With Coastal Eyewear

Kam Dhillon Isabella Frames: SHOP HERE
Read about their Mission HERE

I love supporting companies that have heart behind their mission! And I love anything that combines fashion & function, and presents it in an accessible and straightforward way. is going to be the only place I need to shop for glasses from now on, and I am excited about my glasses and this new look for the year!