Smart Shopping - Save vs. Splurge

Smart Shopping - Bre Sheppard

I am all about smart shopping!

To me this means buying clothing for two reasons:


It is a trendy item, I found a good price on it and I know it's not an item I will wear a lot. I don't mind getting a few fun pieces every few months that are cheap and replaceable, especially if I think they won't be trendy or stylish a few months from now!


It is splurge item that I have thought about, I know I will wear it a lot and have things already that I can wear it with & can style in new ways.

Why does it matter?

Bre Sheppard Smart Shopping - Save vs. Splurge

When you think about buying clothes in this way, it opens up new reasoning for behind WHY you are buying clothes. I used to just buy things because I thought they were cute; I thought they were fun, but I didn't really even think how or when I would wear them. Sometimes I would't even look at the price or compare the price to how much I would wear it. (What I mean by this is: when I buy something now I sort of calculate in my head how many wears I will get out of it compared to the price; this is why I don't mind splurging on jeans because you wear them several times a week!) When you buy clothing that way, you really end up wasting a lot of money and time. 

Literally I wasted so much time standing in front of my closet, hating all my clothes, because I had no vision for how to wear them when I purchased them! I got sick of wasting money, wasting time, and wasting good clothing just because I had no real idea what my style was or how I was going to wear some of the funner, "trendier" items. 

It wasn't really until about two or three years ago that I started to get a better idea for what my style was. I learned not to spend so much money on those fun, here & gone items that don't last more than a few months. I started shopping at sites that catered to more of the "fast fashion" styles, and I started to save up for some pieces that I really wanted & knew would last a years to come. Now when I go shopping, order online, or even collaborate with companies who send clothing, I really think about these things. I like to try and plan outfits in my head based on what I already own, and also think of new creative ways I can wear the pieces I have splurged on for years to come! 

Here are some examples of items I would splurge on vs. items that you can save money on and just buy somewhere cheap, where you don't need to worry about the quality as much because they won't be items you can wear as much for as long as the classic splurge items! I hope these give you a better idea of how I categorize items when I am buying them! 


x Fun boyfriend jeans
x Colored fun jacket
x Patterned or acid wash denim jacket
x Embroidered booties
x Colorful mules
x Trendy layering necklaces
x Open back sweater


x Simple dark denim
x Neutral down jacket
x Classic denim jacket
x Black booties
x A comfy pair of flats
x Silver or gold ring
x Knit cardigan