Southern Shirt Spring & Summer Style Guide

Bre Sheppard - Southern Shirt Spring & Summer Style Guide

What is trending this Spring & Summer?! Aside from the fun dresses, denim culotte jumpsuits, eyelet tops and frilly tanks, you can bet that your most worn style this summer will be your basic graphic tee! You can pair it with literally anything.. shorts, over your swimsuit, tucked into a midi skirt or denim mini like I have done here! To me nothing is more classic and comfortable than a tee. Add a fun color or design and I am literally sold every time. The reason I am so obsessed with Southern Shirt Co. this Spring (and looking forward into Summer) is because I know how much I will actually wear all of these pieces! The only thing better than shopping is actually finding tons of ways to WEAR what you bought ha!

Do you guys remember those amazing Sherpa jackets from this past Winter?! Those were also from Southern Shirt Co. and I literally lived in them for three months haha so I am sure if you have followed me for any amount of time you know exactly what I am talking about!! I actually pulled mine out of my closet and wore it the other night when we were having a weird cold & rainy day - it just goes to show that good quality pieces are going to last thru many seasons. That is one thing I love about their products, because I know they are made from quality materials, they will last when I wash & wear them! I also am obsessed with how SOFT everything is. I am telling you, these t-shirts are game changers haha once you put one on, there is no going back!

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Bre Sheppard - Southern Shirt Spring & Summer Style Guide

My favorites:

If you saw the IG haul on my story two weeks ago you would see a lot of tees, a few pairs of shorts, a cute long sleeve graphic and a yellow hat! Trust the Queen of Casual (that's me!) that these are going to be my most versatile and worn pieces these next few months! Everything I got is linked below - so you can check them out too and pick up some of your own basics. Everything runs TTS so Smalls would have been perfect, however I wanted a little more oversized look so I went with Mediums on every item. 

A you can pretty clearly see, the graphic tee is my absolute favorite staple of theirs! I love that they come in every fun, summery color you could want. I will take a teal, hot pink, and lavender please! 

Bre Sheppard - Southern Shirt Spring & Summer Style Guide


1. Dip Dyed Racerback Tank
2. Sundance Popover
3. Maddie Shorts
4. Women's Seaside Hat
5. Tie-Dye Boxy Tee

The Maddie shorts are honestly some of the most flattering shorts I have ever worn! I have a hard time trying to find shorts that fit well without either riding UP too high or feeling like they are super low rise. These are a really natural fit; they sit right above the hip and have a tie waist to cinch up. I like that the length covers me so nothing is hanging out haha! I got them in the charcoal grey and I actually think I will wear them a lot because you can obviously wear them with just a simple shirt, but I also want to wear them with cute sandals and a nice blouse! I think they are a really great Summer staple and I will wear them so many ways. The Sundance Popover is another absolute must have. It is the softest thing I have ever worn, seriously it is incredibly soft which means it hangs really flattering off of my body, without being boxy or wide. I have the color with vertical subtle pastel stripes and LOVE it tucked into my boyfriend jeans. I can't wait to style more clothes and share them with you! 

Bre Sheppard - Southern Shirt Spring & Summer Style Guide

Not only are there basics and great options for women, they also have mens clothing! Matt wore his Sherpa several times this past Winter and now I am like Bubbs you gotta get online and get a pair of shorts! They look so comfortable and perfect for road trips, lounging on the boat, or out to a Summer dinner! 

Don't forget to use my discount code for 15% off your order - yay! I know how much some of you loved using that a few months ago when I gave you a code for the Sherpas, so I hope you find something you love and find so many ways to wear it this Spring & Summer! If you do, tag me and Southern Shirt on Instagram (@bresheppard + @southernshirt) because we want to see how you style some of these pieces!