Styled For Comfort: Midi Dress + Cole Haan Sneakers

Cole Haan : Bre Sheppard // midi dress // sneaks

SHOES: Generation ZERØGRAND / DRESS: Nordstrom (TTS - M)


meet your new favorite shoe

As a self proclaimed queen of shoes haha I always am looking for the cutest new shoes each season to style in fun ways. I really think a good shoe can totally make or break an outfit, and I find it so fun to get creative with how I style them! When looking for shoes to purchase, I always look for a good mix of both style and comfort. Because I am always sharing my new shoes finds, I tend to get asked a lot, “are those shoes really comfortable?” and I love always being able to respond with YES, haha they really are! These Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers are the definition of mixing comfort and style, and that’s really what this brand is known for. 

I decided to style these Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers with a midi dress because over the last few months this is totally a style I am loving! You can see it all over Pinterest; dressing down a dress with sneakers is the most popular clothing trend right now. And as someone who really love to be comfortable and feels most confident in things that are easy to wear, pairing casual and comfortable with something that might normally be dressed up is a trend I am completely obsessed with! I think they would also be adorable with denim cut off shorts and a plain white t-shirt, or even to wear to the gym. You might have the most stylish shoes at the gym tho, BEWARE haha! I love that these Cole Hann sneakers are stylish enough to pair with a dress, and especially this gorgeous color. 

Made with a woven, stitched yarn like fabric, the shoes are extremely breathable and material flexible. Because of the stretch construction, when you wear the shoes it creates a contoured, sock-like fit around your foot. It is too comfortable honestly I love this style! The cushioned soles and lightweight nature of the shoe make it the perfect hybrid of an everyday sneaker than can quickly convert to your favorite workout shoes.

Cole Haan : Bre Sheppard / mauve sneakers

currently obsessed: comfort stitch sneakers


the cutest colorway

If you are a “sneakerhead” or someone who really loves sneakers (aka Matt haha) then you might know the term colorway. “Colorway” refers to the different color designs and combinations that shoes come in. Personally I thought that these Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND sneakers in Rose Stitchlite™ were the perfect color for Summer & my personality. My favorite color is pink, and for Summer especially I am really loving the mauve and pink/peach tones. They actually come in several colors, including black and a tan nude color, if you tend to lean toward more neutral colors. I actually love this mauve color because to me it acts as a neutral! As you can see even pairing a colored shoe with a bold print, they match together and don’t appear to be too busy! 

a crowd favorite


One of the things I love most about Cole Haan is that they really have been making shoes forever, and for every one! When I told Matt I was getting a pair of Cole Haan shoes he reminded me that several of his work shoes are also this same brand! I also know that my dad has long loved the styles of Cole Haan shoes that blend classic dress shoes with a sneaker style bottom. I think that shoes can (and should) be innovative, fun, and fashionably, even with extreme comfort. 

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