Styled With Confidence

Last week we waited with anticipated for the First Day Of Spring; with high hopes it would magically turn our weather around and give us some much needed sun. Lucky enough for me, while shooting in Bellevue, it was the most gorgeous day! The sun was shining, there were beautiful flowers all around, the bay was peaceful, and old town Bellevue was showing off it's pretty shops & streets for us.

I got this long sweater dress from Nordstrom about three months ago, and haven't really stopped wearing it since haha! I have paired it with my grey suede Moto jacket, a long maroon duster, and this distressed denim jacket, and have loved all three looks. I think this jacket says "I'm ready for you, Spring", the most! It's fun to mix items that you might not usually think would pair well together. I usually wear this jacket with all black and white, because it's a pretty saturated blue color, and I sometimes think of it as a printed jacket because it is so bold. However, I like that it's a bright contrast to this pale, pinkish mauve dress.

You can totally wear unexpected pieces together, but it will be your confidence while wearing them that people see, to make them think it works.

I love to try and wear different and fun things everyday to work, while staying professional. I work on the floor at one of the top retailers in the US, Nordstrom, and I like to make sure that I am an icon of fashion on the floor. Personally, my style tends to differ depending on the day, but the base of everything I wear is my confidence! Pairing items that someone else might not wear together can pay off - it helps you figure out what your personal style is and can also help you wear more of what's in your closet. Do you ever feel like you are looking into the same boring closet every morning while you get ready?

To look at your closet with fresh eyes, think about some of these things:

1. Pair two bold prints together.
2. Wear the same color in different shades, head to toe.
3. Pair your favorite "dressy" pants with a t-shirt & tennis shoes.
4. Opt for a fancy blouse with ripped denim, instead of going fully casual.
5. Throw on a baseball hat with a dress.

Does this get your mind thinking about all the amazing combinations you can make with what you already have? Be bold, try something different this Spring, and be confident with your choice!

Lauren Wilks Photography

How amazing is social media for connecting people & creating friendships?! I think it is so much fun to scroll through peoples feed and see little glimpses into their "life", but even better when I can actually meet them in person and grow a real friendship. Two week ago I got the privilege to meet up and shoot with a photographer that reached out to me via Instagram. Lauren reached out to me because she and her husband had just moved here a few months ago. She is starting photography and wanted to build her portfolio. She's amazing! She's one of those people you just click with and can start talking and laughing about anything. I felt completely at ease, and I think that really shows in the photos she captured! I love when I can be my true self and let my personality shine.

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