Sunday's Best With Ivy City Co.

When I was a little girl, around the ages of 3-7, I can remember my mom dressing me up for church each Sunday. I was one of three children, and growing up with two older brothers, my mom took full advantage of dressing me up with all the girly things! A few years ago I remember I was with my mom and we were talking about kids, and she mentioned how I had worn a dress everyday until I was able to dress myself.

As I grew older I had a more “tomboy” phase where I wanted to be one of the boys (I had a bunch of boy cousins who lived in my neighborhood too!) and I think that dresses fell to the wayside.

As I have been creating my own personal style over the last few years, and figuring out what I love to wear & what makes me feel good, I have circled back to those days where I loved dresses! 

There is something totally feminine and sophisticated, all at once, about wearing a midi length dress. I am not talking about a fun summer dress or romper, but something that’s more unique and special.

When I saw this dress by Ivy City Company, I totally fell in love! The length of the dress is so classy; I instantly thought it would be perfect for a holiday party or Fall wedding. Even a bridesmaids dress! I love the color too. I think this mauve color is very pretty on blondes & brunettes alike. The same dress also comes in white (hello future brides!), dark emerald, and RED. The color of Fall!


I love the way clothing has the ability to make us FEEL things.

Putting on this dress last Sunday gave me that feeling of being beautiful and elegant, and just a little bit like my 5 year old self – silly, fun, and young!