Sustainable Fashion & Giving Back While Buying Clothes

What Is Sustainable Fashion? -

what is sustainable fashion?

“Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources
in order to maintain an ecological balance”.

The dictionary describes sustainability as, “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. In the wake of growing awareness about our planet, the ethical questions about our fashion communities, and how we can help better our world, sustainable products have become a forefront topic. Sustainability has therefore been a HUGE topic in fashion lately. I love that more and more brands are finding ways to create sustainable products and give back to their communities. Obviously Sustainability can look like several different things, and I am just learning the basics of it to be honest, but I have loved learning more about what it means & how to find easy ways to become more aware!

I will be honest, I tend to lean more towards “fast fashion” when shopping. I love to shop and find new clothes for each season, I love finding a good deal and buying affordable items. With the sustainable clothing movement we have seen over the last several years, I am becoming more aware of what our actions are doing for the environment and for people too! It definitely makes you think more about what you buy. The more we consume, the more we tend to throw away when we don’t want it anymore. And with clothes we don’t always think about where it goes or how it is disposed of. I think a small way we can help be more sustainable is to donate clothes instead of throwing them away. Try donating to a women’s shelter or even giving clothes you don’t wear to a friend (you could do a friend clothes-swap)! The more use we can get and give with our clothes, they more sustainable they become.

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I have loves shopping Treasure & Bond products at Nordstrom for several years, but until recently I did not know that they are a sustainable brand! I think it is amazing that Nordstrom has chosen to create an in house brand that gives back and creates product with purpose. Treasure & Bond gives back 2.5% of ALL of their sales to different causes throughout the year. Right now they are giving the 2.5% back to WE, a program that empowers young people to create big changes in their communities. “WE Schools is a year-long service-learning program that nurtures compassion in students and gives them the tools to create transformative social change. And WE Day is a series of inspiring events that celebrate youth making a difference in their local and global communities”. Nordstrom also carries several other sustainable fashion brands & products! They are pushing the initiative after hearing back from shoppers that this is really what they want more of; I love that.

You are read more about the WE sustainability program here: LEARN MORE!

On you can shop from three sections
of sustainability and choose your source:

1. Sustainably Sourced Materials: “Everything here is made with at least 50% sustainably sourced material - like organic cotton, recycled polyester and materials with certifications like bluesign® and Fair Trade Certified™.”
2. Responsibly Manufactured: “These products come from factories that better protect their employees and our planet through offering empowerment programs to workers, ensuring fair wages, and managing chemicals and resource use.”
3. Giving Back: “Make your purchases count toward the causes that you care about most. When you buy one of these items, a portion of the proceeds benefits people, animals or the planet through charitable giving.”

If you are someone who has wanted to give back, but doesn’t maybe know what to give back to, or even how to do it.. this is so amazing! You can literally give back to the community and support sustainable clothing, all while shopping!

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions and styling are my own,
and I was excited to read and learn more about this incredible brand! Xx