The Summer Shoe Trend I Am Loving Right Now

Summer Sandals and Style Inspo :

I will admit it.. i am a shoe addict

Okay, I will admit it.. I am completely obsessed with shoes!! If you follow me on Instagram you probably notice that I wear different shoes a LOT, and I have always loved to express my personal style through shoes. I find that they can add so much to any outfit; and even the most simple outfits can really be brought to life with the right pair of shoes. Since Summer is obviously riiight around the corner (and today we got a little taste of that - SUNSHINE!) I have been eyeing some new styles of sandals and trying to decided which pairs I want, and which I really neeed haha! You know, there IS a difference!

Since I love shoes, I do have a lot of similar styles, but I was really looking for a simple white pair for Summer! The only white sandals I have don’t strap on and do not give the best support for the whole day since they just slide on. I came across these UGG sandals and initially was in love because I have a slight obsession with UGG shoes, and have for years! I put them in my cart on literally three weeks ago when they first came out, then forgot about them. When I was online shopping last week I added them to my cart again, not remembering that I had already put them in my cart haha! Well when I went to checkout and saw TWO of the same pair of shoes in the cart, I knew I had to buy them. You know a good sign when buying something is if it catches your eye more than once! Not to mention, these literally scream B R E!

My good friend Karlie bought me a pair of UGG house slippers for Christmas last year and she thought it was hilarious because I wear them outside. Just to give a little clarity, they DO have a thicker platform sole and give plenty of support, so it really isn’t that crazy haha although both Karlie & Matt think it’s so funny. They have me cornered 2 to 1 ha! So when I saw these sandals I was like yeah these are coming home with me haha they are fuzzy, soft, super comfy because I know this brand always is, and guess what.. meant to wear outside haha!! WIN! So here is to fuzzy Summer shoes and platform sandals for the next 4 months!

I’ve got you covered
from Head to Toe

new sandal styles I am loving!


Something that might be a little confusing if it is your first time shopping the UGG brand, is the sizing. Some of their shoes come only in full sizes, while others come with the half sizes as well. Here is a little easy guide to help you decide which size best fits, depending on the style:

Get your true size, unless you are a half size then go down to the nearest size.
Ex. When I order UGG boots or winter shoes, I get the 7. I am usually a 7.5.
The reason is because the fluff and fur inside the shoes will mat down overtime.
They might fit snug at first, but with time will become the perfect fit!

Get your true size, unless otherwise stated or reviews share different opinions on sizing.
Ex. When I order UGG sandals, like the Fluff Yeah sandals I am wearing here,
I just order my true size. If the fur isn’t on the inside, it won’t mat down.
This means that you would get your normal size for the best fit.

the updated denim mini

black denim skirts

easy, breezy blouses

the perfect summer tops

As far as questions you might have on how to style these fuzzy shoes, or just platforms in general, I would say just wear them with anything you would normally wear! I think that a cute blouse + skirt combo is always cute for Summer and really easy to change up for a full new outfit. I like to mix and match denim skirts, black skirts, and denim shorts all Summer long with different tops and blouses; it is a super easy way to create a “Summer uniform” that is put together & fun!

I think the look is even more elevated with a fun shoe like these. They also come in pink and black, but I thought the white was very crisp & could be worn with so much more! I have linked some super cute skirt options above, and my blouse too. I actually also have this blouse in the white and black polka dots & thought it was so fun/flattering that I bought it immediately after it came out in this color too! For only $55 it has a very expensive silky feel and look to it that honestly reminds me of Free People, but for 1/3 the price. If Free People is more your style, I have linked some of my fave easy, breezy Summer tops from them as well! I love that you can find a variety of styles and brands at Nordstrom because it really helps everyone find what fits their style best!

when shopping at nordstrom, ALWAYS remember:


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This post was created in partnership with Nordstrom!
As always, all the items are picked out and purchased myself, and all thoughts & opinions are my own.