The Sweater That Has It All

Olive green, lace up, oversized, bell-sleeved, chunky knit sweater.. whew that's a mouthful! Sound like too many trendy things to be able to work for just one piece of clothing? Think again, this sweater has it ALL and it WORKS. This is the softest and warmest sweater I own; the minute I put it on it felt like it was my oldest, most comfortable sweater. When I first saw it hanging at the store, I'm going to be honest, I was a little bit worried its oversized style would swallow me up and leave me feeling frumpy. But right when I put it on I knew it was meant to be!

This past Summer I got my first shirt with this laced up trend, and I think if it's done right it can be a really interesting detail added to the most simple clothing! I like that the neck on this particular sweater doesn't dip too low. If you know me, you know I never (EVER) wear tanktops under my clothes. I don't know when or why that started, but you will not find any in my dresser drawers. This being said, one of the first things I look for in clothing is that the neckline doesn't scoop low enough where it would be a problem for me. At work, and home for that matter, I am always moving around and bending over or picking things up, and I need to be comfortable! Adjusting and pulling at my sweater all day long is not comfort to me. And whoever said you can't mix fashion and comfort had it ALL wrong - I fully believe combining both of those things into an outfit is what makes it successful.

These distressed jeans are the pair of denim that I get the most questions about.

The funny thing is, they were given to me from a friend in college who didn't want them anymore, yet now they are my favorite distressed pair and get this - they are from Target of all places! I will admit that years ago when I first was given them, the holes were much much smaller. Isn't it the funniest thing how every time you put jeans with holes on, the holes get bigger & bigger? We've all felt our stomachs drop when we feel our toe catch in the hole as we are putting them on, and hear that dreaded "riiip" haha! I like the way they are just really faded and worn into now, like this sweater they are comfortable and easy to wear.

Photography: Joshua Wong, Wong Exposure Photography

Has anyone else been wearing their hair in a half bun non-stop lately? Maybe it's the short hair, or lack of wanting to spend hours styling it, but by the end of every day my hair has somehow worked its way into a messy top bun. I do love when my hair is out of my face, and it's a good way to achieve that easy breezy look without much effort. Overall this look is inspired by comfort, and proves that the best outfits are the ones where we feel the BEST IN. I feel more like myself when I am wearing things that reflect my style.

In fact, I had a good friend with me when I was trying on this sweater, and I asked her opinion, worried that there was just to much going on. She said Bre, you don't wear basic things, you love style, and are always wanting to wear things that are different & trendy! I smiled because she was right.

I often admire the way other girls dress, I like their style and how they piece something together, but wouldn't have thought to wear it myself. That's because it's their personal style and what everyone wears should reflect that about each individual! 

Try The Trend!

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