Three Easy Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

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When I was in middle and high school I used to spend a lot of time painting, because it brought me joy and let me have a space to be creative! Even if I didn’t really plan what I was going to paint, I would get out the canvas and just start to have fun with the brush! I feel like the older I get, the less time I make for those types of fun and creative activities. This past week I decided to go to the craft store and pick up some paint and brushes, and get creative again!

I was looking on Abercrombie’s website last week when I saw this canvas backpack bag! I originally thought it would be super cute for Summer and leading into Fall, and how many outfits it would go perfectly with. I then thought how fun it would be to get crafty and paint on it!! Canvas makes a great surface to paint on, and it is also super durable & will hold up even when it’s used often and under pressure. I was completely inspired to make the bag more ME haha so I thought painting little yellow flowers on it would be perfect! It was so easy, all I needed was some yellow canvas paint + a small paint brush and got to work. 


I love shopping at Abercrombie because they always have the best fitting clothes & perfect basics for every season. I do have to say, they have some of the best deals and prices for the quality of clothes too! I find myself always looking there first for new jeans and basic tees, because I know they will fit well and last a long time. These jeans have quickly become some of my all time favorites! Their new ‘Curve Love’ campaign is incredible - creating jeans with 2” more fabric in the booty and hips makes their jeans more inclusive to different body types. I am all for it!! I think personally they fit me better; you get the little bit extra room in the hips and bum, but they are still snug around the waist.. PERFECT fit! I get my true size in these jeans, and I wear a 28 in Abercrombie.

Right now, as they gear up for swapping seasons with Fall right around the corner, they are starting to add more layer pieces and denim to their collection. I love the mix of sporty, casual, and street style that really gives such a variety of options for EVERY girl shopping at Abercrombie! And since I am on a this crafty / DIY / have fun with your clothes sort of kick haha I have a few ideas for YOU for how to spice up your wardrobe! Wether you are looking to revamp and find the best deals on new clothes, or get creative with what you already own, I have a few great ideas to have fun with your style!

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Three Easy Ways To Update Your Wardrobe - DIY Backpack


  1. Update your wardrobe! Each season I love to buy a few new key staple items to help grow my wardrobe. I think it is important to have great staple pieces as you go in to each season, so you can plan outfits around some of the same pieces you know fit well & are great quality. I love Abercrombie (especially shopping online - so easy!) because they are always updating new arrivals. You can get a new pair/style of jeans for each season, some fun tops, basic tees, sweatshirts, and your bags all in one place. They oftentimes have big site wide sales and clearance as well, which can be a good option if you are on a budget! This means it may be time for you to toss out your old ill-fitting jeans and stained tees haha and updating your wardrobe with some new favorites. Think of this as a challenge; set a budget (even just $100) and see how many items you can get with that dollar amount! I love making shopping into a game haha because then you can feel really accomplished AND feel good about how you look.

  2. Grab some paint and get creative! Wether you are painting on clothes, bags, or shoes, the ideas are endless for ways to repurpose and get re-inspired by your clothes. How fun would it be to have your friends over for a girls night & DIY some clothes and bags together?! I love the idea of all buying the same bag (this canvas Abercrombie backpack would be perfect) and spend time getting crafty. Not only would you be making memories together, but you would have something that you always use that would remind you of those people! As Fall is right around the corner (gahh crazy, right?) I am thinking about how when I want to “relax” at home it usually means watching TV or sometimes reading a book. But I love the idea of finding a new hobby in revamping some items in your closet & giving them new life!

  3. If you are like me you probably love those days when you can throw on a big cozy sweatshirt & can just chill and be really comfortable! But sometimes sweatshirts can look sorta frumpy if they are too oversized. I love buying a sweatshirt in a size up, and cutting the bottom off to be slightly cropped. This cropped style of tees and sweatshirts has become so popular lately and I think it can really elevate a super casual look & help make it your own style!

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As always, all ideas + styling + opinions are my own. 

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