My Top Three Drugstore Makeup Brands

Maybe you're like me. Maybe you love to play around with makeup, figure out new techniques that work best for you, and try out new trendy lip colors. Maybe you're like me, and you DON'T want to have to spend a bunch of money each time you try out a new makeup product.

My Top Three Drugstore Makeup Brands

When I first started wearing makeup in High School, I felt like I had to buy certain products because other girls were using them. I knew that MAC lipstick was popular, but I also knew it was $16 and I probably wouldn't even wear it that much! (I do wear MAC now & other brand now too, but I am so happy I don't rely on those expensive brands for my everyday looks, I would be broke haha!)

I sort of made it my goal to be reasonable with what makeup products I bought, & told myself I would do my best to not get carried away with all the new products.

I thought this was important for a few reasons; the first being I didn't have that kind of money, and knew I didn't want to get stuck on products I would have to buy every few months that were way too pricey!

And most importantly, I needed to remind myself that if I am wearing makeup it isn't to COVER or disguise what I really look like, but to wear it in a way that enhances my features & makes me feel beautiful, but not something I solely rely on to feel pretty. 

That being said, I have found that I gravitate towards three brands that help me keep in budget, stay on trend, and give me that little extra glow for daily makeup! They are my absolute go-to drugstore brands!

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Foundation, Mascara, Setting Powder & Brow Goodies


Bronzer & Brow Gel


Lipstick & Blush

What are your favorite drugstore products & go-to every day makeup necessities?