Trendy Yet Timeless

Today may have been just in the second week of January, but if you looked up at the beautiful blue skies, closed your eyes, and felt the sun on your face, you would've thought it was the middle of Spring here in Washington! I love when the sun comes out this time of year (yes, it does come out and no, it doesn't just rain here!) because it means we can brave the cold and take off some of our winter layers. Us Washingtonians like to get a good start at Spring, so when the temperature is above 30 degrees, I am losing the NorthFace and going straight for something more stylish.

This year I think that item is going to be my new maroon knit jacket from Apricot Lane Boutique. As a Bellingham based clothing store, they have everything trendy for someone who loves Seattle style. Not only is this knit super soft, but the deep rich almost wine-like color of the jacket goes with so much I already own! Plus I know pieces like this will last years to come, and will be just as trendy five years down the road as it is today. You can never have enough of these simple and classy layering pieces!

I like to treat myself to a new staple like this every year. Invest in clothes that are timeless and don't follow trends per-say, then you can pull it out every year and wear it like new.

By pairing a classic jacket, vest, or even a knit sweater, with something more trendy and fashion forward, you can literally change up the look every time you wear it! That's what I like about this combination; distressed denim, Addidas, and Timberlands are all trendy clothing that has come, and soon will go. But the pieces that truly make your closet "shopable" are the ones you can wear over & over in many ways and are worth investing in. Proof that you can never have enough of these simple and classy layering pieces!

I've been obsessed with this Adidas t-shirt ever since I bought it from Nordstrom last Spring. Adidas is making a HUGE comeback this year! They have collaborated with designers like Pharrell Williams and Stella McCartney to create some of the most interesting designs and iconic prints. And everywhere you turn you see people, tweens to grandparents, rocking the classic Superstars. Below I share some of my favorite basic style that can be worn all year long, dressed up, or to the gym!

Unfortunately the "Birds of Paradise" t-shirt that I am wearing is no longer sold, but lucky for you there are always lots of amazing new styles that Adidas puts out each season. I love these basic black and white pieces that would be so easy to layer and dress up for any season. I actually own the plain black short sleeve and wear it more often as street wear than to the gym. It's funny how athleisure has taken over the fashion industry! I think that's part of what makes fashion and clothing so interesting - you can take two separate sides of the fashion spectrum and wear them together to create your own personal style.

Adidas Basics I Love

These basics will go with anything!