Valentine's Day Outfits For Every Occasion

Valentine's Day means a lot of different things to different people, but one thing we can all agree on.. it's about sharing LOVE & reflecting on those people you are thankful for and could not do life without! Whether that person is your longtime BFF since you were in elementary school, your boyfriend of 10 months, husband of 10 years, your mom, or a friend you met at a blog event & haven't been able to separate from each other since (heyyy @karlierae!), it is such a fun day. This post will hopefully inspire you to create some fun & unique outfits for whatever you may be doing on Valentine's Day. Hopefully it helps you look at the clothes you already have in new ways, and can inspire you to rock something outside of your comfort zone. 

The links below are all shoppable, so anything that catches your eye - get it girl!


You & The Girls

For The Girls Night IN

Pizza party, ice cream, & cheesy romance movies with the best girls! What more could you want than to spend the day of LOVE with the girls you love most? Before I met Matt I spent a lot of Valentine's days celebrating friendship with my closest girls, those are some of my favorite memories! Major bestie points if you show up with matching slippers for all the girls!

For The Girls Night Out

Be prepared for wherever the night takes you with this casual, yet chic look. Pops of bold color show your fun style! Layer a band tee with a denim skirt or distressed denim, and a funky pair of heels - you will be comfortable and confident all night long. Plus, you've got your entourage surrounding you, what could be better? 

S. Wolfe Photography

S. Wolfe Photography

For The Fashion Obsessed 

These outfits are for the girls who love to push the fashion boundaries & love creating their own personal style! I have picked some of my favorite fun, edgy, and flirty pieces that would make THE cutest Valentine's day outfits for any occasion. I love the fuzzy pink jacket, purple heart shaped purse, and the nude heels with clear straps the most. Fashion is so fun!

You & Him

SHOP my whole outfit below!

For The Romantic Date night

For those special occasions, the ones where you are so excited to get dolled up, put on a new dress, and have a romantic date night with your sweetheart. The type of date that you get ready beforehand for hours, make sure your makeup is perfect, and all your accessories are on point. I love those dates! Our Valentines Day's are usually much more casual, but I do have some sweet memories of those types of special dates too! This look is all about a statement dress - red of course!

For The Casual Date Day

Casual dates are my JAM. I love putting on my favorite denim, a fun top, some casual mules or slides, and calling it good. Throw your hair up in a little messy half bun, put on some subtle pink lipstick, and you are DATE DAY ready lady! This is the type of date where you sing old music from 7th grade at the top of your lungs, and don't have a care in the world because you are together. May I suggest going out for cheeseburgers & shakes? My favorite!