Velvet & Lace

I am such a girly girl! I grew up with two older brothers; sports games, talk about football, running around outside, hiking, and biking took up their time. I loved to join them and play with all my cousins who lived in our neighborhood too. But as much fun as I had "being one of the boys", I always enjoyed shopping with my mom, raiding her closet, and putting together outfits even more. Because I looked up to my mom and learned so much about style and class from her, still to this day I am drawn to pretty, girly things.

Where Are All My Girly Girls At?!

Cause I know you'll be all about this top!

This adorable velvet top from Apricot Lane Boutique (Bellingham ladies - go there right now!) gives me all the girly vibes. I love the drop waist and sheer lace that just shows a tiny amount of skin. You could easily pair it with a high waisted skirt or denim and keep everything covered too, so I think it is very versatile. The lace paneling on the side is making this top my perfect go-to for Summer & Spring this year too!

I can see myself wearing this top with some white sandals and cut off denim shorts, I think statement clothing like this one can be worn more ways than we sometimes think. And how cute is the velvet choker that came with it?! One of the biggest trends of this last year, that we borrowed from the 70's haha, was the choker. The fact that this one is the same soft velvet material is such a thoughtful touch to the outfit. It's simple and trendy, but still really girly.

I had been eyeing these boots from Nordstrom for weeks before they finally went on sale right after Thanksgiving. I saw over the knee boots become popular in 2016 and I don't think this trend is leaving any time soon. I love that they allow just a pop of denim to show, and make your legs look longer and thinner (anything that can do that I will try ha!) I also find that they can elevate any simple outfit and make it more dressy! The color of this specific pair sometimes look brown, and sometimes looks grey. At first I was unsure if I liked that but now I think its awesome because it's like I have two pairs in one! Paired with this velvet & lace top, this outfit is girly and trendy and SO me.

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