Weekend Wear

Raise your hand if you love weekends! I'm with you, they are the best. We've got more time to relax, more time to catch up on sleep, hangout with friends, read, and more time to do, well more of what we want! Last weekend Matt and I went to brunch after church, to this little spot in downtown Bothell called Alexa's. It's your typical, delicious, big plate, brunch food. We both got the California plate which has loads of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and avocado - YUM! I'm all about fueling up big for the day, and going out for brunch is a fun way to recharge and be on the same page as a couple before the week begins.

Miraculously, my bright pink lipstick lasted all through brunch (#goals), and I've got to say I just love Maybelline for that reason. I think at least half my drugstore makeup is Maybelline brand, and it's all super quality. This specific one is the Color Sensation Creamy Matte Lipstick in the color "Pink N Chic".

If you want to read more about my favorite Maybelline lip colors, read my previous post here!

If you know me at all, you know I wear this sweatshirt 75% of my time at home, for real. Its the softest, coziest thing I own. Matt says this outfit is most like what I normally wear, in comparison to outfits I post that are more styled looks. That made me laugh haha - a beanie, converse, and a cozy sweatshirt. Yup, I guess that explains me on my days off!

We are starting to plan a weekend getaway for our ONE YEAR coming up, I am so excited! Anyone have fun plans for next weekend?