What You Should Know Before Buying Clothing Online

I know a lot of you have had questions on buying clothing from those sites that seem "sketchy" or too good to be true! So I decided to do a little recap and give you some advice on what I have learned while shopping from these sites, what I have liked, and what to stay away from!

A few sites that you may have seen on Pinterest or while shopping online (I swear I always have ads for them on the sides of my internet pages, but that might be because I shop there a lot haha!) are: Shein, Boohoo, & Romwe. I have personally shopped from both Shein and Boohoo, and found some of my favorites pieces of clothing there! Just like any site you are buying from, always read reviews and see if anyone has uploaded photos of the clothing to the site. When there are pictures I can compare different body types and sizes and try to find the best items for me. It has been so helpful, especially on Shein, because there are so many items that women have uploaded photos wearing!

I also like to take measurements of my body & make sure I am reading every items measurements before adding to my cart. It is important because often on these sites you can't just order your size & think it's going to fit properly. You have to really look at the measurements and order the size accordingly. Once you have your measurements down you can just keep them in a notepad on your phone, and any time you order things from online just check that to make sure it's going to fit!


x Shipping takes about 10-12 days.
x Pay attention to sizing for EACH item, on some I am a small, others I may be an XL.
x When in doubt, use a measuring tape!
x Order off of the US site, not the UK site.
x Read reviews on EVERY item. 
x Know that these items are meant to be trendy and not last more than a few months to a year!

Tell me if you guys have bought anything from these sites & what you think about the quality for price!