What's In My Purse?

I recently just got this Coach Dinky Bag, and it is seriously the cutest thing. It's the perfect size to carry all my necessities, yet small enough where it doesn't get bulky and frustrating to carry. Every girl who carries around a purse knows what I mean when I say you can't live without it! What's inside of each purse I own is carefully crafted for ME specifically. Swap purses with anyone else, and chances are we would both be in a panic.

So what makes up these necessities inside my purse?

Hmm.. looks like I have a color theme going in here haha! I do love pink, that should be pretty obvious by now. But what I really love & look for are things that I can throw in, will not take up much space, and will hold up over time. I switch my bags a lot and most of my purses have one of each of these in it (besides my wallet and keys) because they are budget-friendly and don't take up much room in any bag!

Let's take a closer look

There's lots of goodies!

1. Maybelline Lipstick:
I've probably talked about this lipstick more than anything else on my blog, it's for real the BEST nude lipstick I've ever tried. Not only do amazing makeup artists like Sazan Hendrix, Rachel Leary and (my favorite) Alyssa Gomez, use Maybelline products, they are proven to work from the millions of ladies around the world who use them. This lipstick goes on smooth and soft, it has great pigment and stays on for hours. It's the perfect nude!

2. Kate Spade Card Holder:
I've used this Kate Spade card holder for about three years now, and it's just now starting to stretch and begin to fall apart. Kate Spade makes incredible quality purses, wallets, and bag accessories, and the card holder is no exception. I love that it now comes in pretty colors like blue, green, and maroon too! It perfectly holds all my cards without getting bulky and filling up with random receipts like my big wallet used to. It's really easy to swap to another purse too, or just grab and go with just that!

3. Sunglasses:
Who doesn't love a pair of fun sunglasses? Right now Nordstrom has tons of sunglasses under $25 dollars that can add a little bit of interest and color to your outfit. I definitely have my basics, like that classic RayBan Aviator shape, and a more retro circle shaped pair, but adding color is super easy with glasses too! Once you know the shape that compliments your face, you can go for your favorite colors, gold, shiny silver lenses, or find some with really details and printed sides. This is just another way to stay stylish AND be practical; you never know when the sun's gonna peek out & you might as well be prepared for it!

4. Pen:
Am I crazy for liking the feel and meaning behind writing things down with a real pen & paper, opposed to just typing a reminder into my notepad on my iPhone? Something about it makes it stick with me more, and makes me want to go back to look at it, whatever it is. My mom actually just recently gave me this pen by TUL, so of course I am on the mission to buy a million of them now haha! Copper and white, two of my absolute favorites, make this pen sleek and simple. I always feel like whenever I really need a pen is the one time there isn't one in my purse, so I've made it my goal to always have one on hand. Any time I need to jot something down or write a quick "thank you" note, I have one ready to go.

5. Emoji Key Chain:
I bought this keychain form Nordstrom last year around Christmastime when they had a fun little gift shop pop-up. There was a heart eyes Emoji, silly faces, and food, and I thought they were so clever! Although Nordstrom doesn't sell these anymore, I found this site that sells them so cheap - I am going to need to replace mine soon and I am excited to look and see what other Emoji's they have now! Not only this fun and silly, it makes for finding my keys a breeze. I can just feel for that soft plush Emoji and all my keys are attached. When they are hanging or sitting on the counter they are also easy to spot. All the heart eyes for that!

6. Tory Burch Perfume Roller:
I love Tory Burch perfumes! I used to use her classic scent roller, but she just released this new scent (just in time for Valentines day!) and I think it's her best yet. It mixes the sweetness of grapefruit with the sharper smells of pink peppercorn, for a combination that is both fresh & fruity, and sweet. The subtle hints of rose and jasmine make it feminine and the perfect subtle scent to wear every day. Any time I am feeling like I could use some freshening up, I swipe on some lipstick and roll a little of this perfume on my wrists. Insta-frehsness!

7. Elastic Hair Ties:
I can't live without my little elastic hair ties! Especially with my hair short, those big thick hair ties don't stay in my hair and I always find them sliding out or just looking bulky. I love that these come in a small pack that slips right into my purse. They work great for half-buns or pony tails, and even holding braids. Even if the pack is gone I can always seem to find a few of these laying in the bottom of my bag haha!

BIG Thank You to Coach for sending me this bag to review!

As always, my opinions & reviews are honest and stand true to what I would buy myself.