Work OOTD Round Up

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you might notice that I like to document my everyday life using the Instagram Story feature. Along with what I'm eating and who I am with, I like to post an OOTD (usually in the form of a mirror selfie haha) while I am at work, to show you what a typical outfit might look for me. I think I do a good job of sharing outfits I actually wear on my blog and Instagram, but this gives you a little more insight into those super genuine, real ME outfits. My dress code at work goes as follows:

- Only dark denim (Mon - Thurs)
- No denim (Fri - Sun)
- Usually have to wear a 3rd piece
- Try and stay on trend
- Professional, yet comfortable to be walking all day

Since I work retail and am on my feet for 7-8 hours of my day, it is equally important to me that I dress comfortable, as it is to dress cute & trendy. Most of these pieces I have worn on the blog or talked about before, and they are often on repeat (notice those black culottes!) and just worn with different items to switch it up. It's really not a bad thing to wear a lot of the same items, just wear them in different ways to keep them fresh & unique. My coworkers are always so kind and comment on things I wear like I've never worn them before haha! I'm like, "guys, I just wore this sweater last week", but because it's with something different it seems new.

I hope you enjoy these little daily snippets of my life
& can find inspiration from them!