Floral Kimono

One of my favorite summer pieces is a kimono. They are light and easy to throw over any basic outfit. This fun floral kimono adds color to a simple white tank and ripped jean shorts. Adding bright jewelry or sandals that play off of the colors in the print pulls the outfit together. I love the mix of patterns by adding this clutch with dots on it that I purchased from Urban Outfitters. The best part about this clutch is that is has a gold chain that attaches so you can wear it as a shoulder bag as well!

This braided half updo has been my go-to so far this summer. It keeps my hair out of my face, but also adds a boho vibe to this flowy look. To achieve this look I lightly curl my hair with a straightener, I don't want the curls to be perfect, because it is supposed to look messy. Keep the braids messy and not too tight, and secure them in place with two bobby pins in the back. Even if they come loose and fall out, it will look like you did it on purpose, and that is why this look is perfect for summer!

Breanna SheppardComment