Gold Magazine Styled Summer Shoot

Today. Was. SO. Fun!! You remember how I said I've been working hard on collaborations and projects? Well today a lot of hard work paid off as the styled Summer shoot for Issue #5 of GOLD Magazine came together! I was fortunate enough to work with some seriously fun & talented ladies for this collaboration with Lime Ricki swimwear. Today was gorgeous and hot, and we were able to shoot on a boat which made the day all the more amazing. The team consisted of GOLD Magazines Editor In Chief Lydia, stylist & YouTouber Jessica Whitaker, and photographer Luba Kochubey. There were five different swimsuits that were styled and shot (with some of the cutest Summer accessories you can think of!), and I am super excited to get all the photos back to see how the final product looks! Be sure to check out GOLD Magazine and subscribe so you can get the newest issue when it comes out in just a few weeks!