Nothing Beats Neutrals


Does anybody else have a hard time keeping white shoes remotely white haha?! You wear them one time and it seems like they have a layer of dust all over them. I feel like this is the whitest these Converse have been since I got them a few years back. Nothin' a good old bleach & tumble in the washing machine can't fix!

I got this super cute v-neck sweater from the Nordstrom sale last month & I just couldn't wait until Fall to wear it! Paired with super soft tan drawstring shorts (they are from GAP last year, but I have some similar pairs linked below!) and white Converse, I created a really comfortable Summer look! I really like pairing different shades of the same color together, so in this outfit I don't mind that I am wearing both cream AND white. I actually like that all the shades aren't super matchy, but are still cohesive. I really love color & fun patterns, but for a simple & clean look nothing beats neutrals!