Stepping Into Spring With Nordstrom

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Even though we have been stuck with snow for the last few weeks here in Seattle, it is finally melting away and the sun is coming out! I am excited for warmer weather, but along with a change in the Seasons comes a different wardrobe too. It can sometimes feel daunting to navigate the new styles of each season; finding brands and clothes that you feel good in but also are affordable! I have always loved shopping at the Trend Shop at Nordstrom for many years, because I find it to be the easiest way to stay up with what is in style, while keeping budget in mind.

When I worked at Nordstrom after college I would always walk through the BP and Topshop departments on my lunch break and look at the new clothes! It also helped me figure out what my style was, because I was always getting to see and try on clothing. Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons because I think the fashion is so fun!

This year my go-to outfit is pairing a long skirt with a sweater or graphic tee. I love pairing a long, flowing skirt with a fun print on it with something more simple. I think it is both feminine and fun, but an easy style anyone can confidently wear.

One of my favorite things about shopping at Nordstrom is that you can actually buy something online and pick it up in the store. It’s called “BOPUS” which literally means “buy online, pick up in store”, and I think it is the coolest invention! I love that you can spend the time you would normally spend in stores walking around trying to find an item, from your couch haha. They have figured out the best and easiest way for people to shop, is from home!

Basically you just set your home store online to be the store you want to pick the items up from. From there, every item you are looking at would tell you if it is available at that store for pickup, and when. If it isn’t already in stock at your home store, you can buy the item and ship it to the store for pickup. You can even go in the store and try the items on & return right there if they don’’t work out for you! how easy, right? It is such an easy way to pick up items in store, instead of spending the full day shopping (although I really don’t mind that either some days haha) or shipping to your house without getting to try anything on. 

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Skirts: I love maxi and midi skirts for Spring because they are a great transition item from colder weather to warm! You can pair them with a sweater and booties for colder days, or swap your sweater for a graphic tee. They pair well with sneakers, booties, and sandals too. You can wear them through Summer and even into Fall paired with over the knee boots and a cropped jacket. They are a great return on your investment, but you can also find a ton of super affordable options as well!

Sweaters: Spring is really the time of year to get creative with the clothes you own & to figure out how to add some new pieces into your wardrobe that compliment what you already own. Sweaters are the perfect place to start, because you probably have a ton from Fall and Winter that you haven’t really worn in a while, and this is a great way to revamp them with a few new key pieces. When wearing a sweater with a midi skirt, try tucking or tying up the the front. Changing the way you wear items will make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe, even when you just add a few new items!

T-Shirts: I think graphic tees are usually looked over for most women, because they just don’t know how to style them. I always grab a graphic tee when I need a pop of color or pattern for a simple outfit! They are great for layering under denim jackets, over dresses, paired with skirts or under overalls. They are the most versatile, and usually very inexpensive! You can get a few styles and wear them with basically everything you own. I love that they can add a lot of personality to an outfit too.

Sandals + Shoes: Spring is a great season because you can really wear such a variety of different shoe styles. There are a lot of she's from Fall and Winter that you can continue wearing, like over the knee boots and sock booties. On warmer days you can break out sandals or espadrille wedges, which are making comeback yet again this year! I love that shoes always add a fun touch to any outfit. If you’re looking for a more sporty vibe, sneakers add a cool girl casual tough. If you want to dress up the look, something with a wedge or heel is ideal. Espadrille tends to give a really beachy look because of the straw. I love that just by adding a fin shoes in a bold print, color, or texture, you can really change a fun outfit.

Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! All opinions, styles, and suggestions are (as always) my own. I have loved shopping at Nordstrom for many years now and truly think they have an amazing selection of many styles, at multiple price points. I know that you all love shopping there too, and I hope you share with me what you find this Spring! Xx