The Colors Of Fall

In the Fall, when it's beginning to get colder and the days stay darker longer, sometimes putting together an outfit and getting dolled up is the last thing I want to do. (I know, pretty big moment of honesty coming from the girl who calls herself a fashion blogger.) But don't get me wrong, even a simple and easy outfit can still look put together and on trend; that's the best kind of outfit there is. Since I own more flannels than I am willing to publicly admit, that's my go-to. I've got bright red ones for a pop of color and darker blue ones, like this hooded gem by Union Bay I found at Nordstrom Rack. An easy pair with blue and black is denim, so I throw on my favorite Rag & Bone pair, add a simple white tanktop and call it good. Shoes.. hmm so many options. If it isn't raining I love my Timberlands because the yellowish tan color reminds me of falling leaves. Plus, they pair with my purse just enough to pull some similar colors together. Keep it SIMPLE this fall; be comfortable, find pieces that are easy to transition into multiple outfits, and wear what makes you feel good!