Golden Hour Glow

Bre Sheppard - Golden Hour Glow


I know I say this a lot.. because I mean it haha, but these are truly some of my absolute favorite pieces for Summer this year! I am loving this golden hour look with pinky neutrals and bold gold jewelry. I found these necklaces at Forever21 the other night & thought they would be adorable stacked together - even tho the aesthetic of the coins and cactus isn't really the same, I thought it would be a really fun Summer vibe and I really love the way they look! I love the oversized coin choker as a statement piece to add some interest to an overall simple look.

This striped tank is a MUST if you are looking for a soft tank top to wear all Spring & Summer long. It has a great stretch to it which makes it really flattering and can be worn either tucked in or not! For some reason I just love to stock up on simple tanks and tees like this because they are super easy to throw on with a denim jacket or cardigan. You can wear them into the Fall just by layering a little more on top!

I especially love this tank tucked into these Abercrombie shorts which I am sure you have seen a million times on so many girls, cause they are honestly so amazing everyone needs them! The most flattering shorts because of the tie waist, and the material is really light and breathable. We don't usually get super hot weather here in Seattle but these are amazing for warm days when you just want to be comfortable and don't feel like wearing denim shorts. They still give a really put together look and can be worn with SO many things! They also come in several colors (black is next on my shopping list) which make them the most versatile short of the Summer! Let's just say.. I will have this outfit on repeat a lot these next few months. 


It's sort of early in the year to have a golden glow, but I have found self tanning lotions to be my best bet for tan skin this Spring! I am loving Bondi Sands foam and tanning lotion (I use both in the color "dark") to get that look of sun-kissed skin. Always use a mitt to apply - and I have actually done a whole post on my technique and product I love, so if you haven't read it before you can check it out here! I also love bronzer + highlighter on my cheekbones (and even collarbones if I am being REALLY extra haha) for extra color and glow. Overall my Summer makeup routine is pretty simple and I try to keep the focus on looking as fresh as I can be! A bold brow and nude lipstick complete a really peachy look. As for my hair, this specialty is called the "Didn't Have Time To Shower Today" look that I so often rock! Basically it entails a lot of dry shampoo and a ponytail to keep it together ha! I have actually had several requests on this look so I will try and do a tutorial soon for those of you who are like me, and need some help with really quick & fun hairstyles!

Overall this look is one of my all time faves; it is super simple & focuses on the GLOW - the necklaces, pink details, and my fresh makeup create such a perfect Summer style. If you have or buy any of these pieces I would love to know what you think of them and how YOU style them! Girl, get your glow on!