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Updated Styles Of Classic Fall Trends: Tweed Jacket + Leather Skirt

With Fall, of course, comes all the fun fashion & new styles. I love trying out new styles & finding ways to wear classic pieces in new ways too! When I came across this leather skirt on Bloomingdale’s website I literally fell in love with it haha. I loved that it wasn’t your typical black leather skirt; the deep maroon color is gorgeous and can be worn just as easily as a black skirt too. I love finding new ways to wear classic trends.

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Sustainable Fashion & Giving Back While Buying Clothes

I think it is amazing that Nordstrom has chosen to create an in house brand that gives back and creates product with purpose. Treasure & Bond gives back 2.5% of ALL of their sales to different causes throughout the year. Right now they are giving the 2.5% back to WE, a program that empowers young people to create big changes in their communities.

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Three Easy Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

I love the mix of sporty, casual, and street style that really gives such a variety of options for EVERY girl shopping at Abercrombie! And since I am on a this crafty/DIY sort of kick haha I have a few ideas for YOU to spice up your wardrobe! Wether you are looking to revamp and find the best deals on new clothes, or get creative with what you already own, I have some great ideas to have more fun with your style!

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